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On the degree of false gain and earning (as an interestingly reliable illusion resulting in personal problems), war crime on gay men is the worst of it. Tyler Lord Hamilton manifestly looks at this scene where war crimes remain a problem for all civilisation …As to which civilians and soldiers never really get enough honour or leader-ship from being prostituted as peace treaty whores. The abundance of praise for killing causes the man to be fragmented in soul - PTS (Post Traumatic Stress "syndrome") sets in and other mental illnesses. Thus, helps not their families afterward carrying-out said means of vile disgraces led in armorial power  preceeding.

Queer Social Scientist Tyler Lord Hamilton have published definite evidence on the topic of "purportedly universal leader-men traits" that exists to extensive variations in the violent characteristics of false power. Gay oppression in males who are deprived of healthy examples of men creates a study under cock culture. Novel research on what we know about the miscarrying of gun customs and how men manipulate the weak to attain money. There is a social suicide especially when a stab is put in harm-less gay men who don't fight. Even is prevented by mass population to marry the same sex out of love.

Homosexual men come forward to say what manliness is. It is not war, hatred and throwing Gaymanity out the door when homosexual men have courage to be honest in who and how and what and where they love. In partner-ship, this is the new wave and buzz on justice. This social work puts the hand-cuffs on religious minds that have stolen love from sensitive, vulnerable men in the gay community and then damned them across-the-board. Deceptive political males who've exploited Gaymanity in clostes as socio-political release never came-out in history like queers did as integrity-based. The integrity is in being truthful about one's sacred sexuality and not making it your business if others love devotedly. Bigots must get lost in the name of Tyler!

That being denoted, as male and female future executives in government have been socialised to use this phallic species for dominant land and blood gains that rip people in shreds psych-sociologically, letting gay men speak their voices of peace is mandatory and demanded. To delegate a thought-less political control panel in “humanities”, to never interrupt IDEALLY our natural world and the daily social net-work we have as men; indeed, lack of leadership status (really) does not commit to helping the lowliest of them all (our poor persons suffering in the streets of every continent). This is why Gaymanilty moves each group of conservatives forward -  henceorth to a New American civilsation where we will be more at reach for our children seeking clarification of why they subsist with us as peace-keepers in the criminal justice system.

Becoming divergent and literally factual as “intelligent” spoiled male leaders accustomed to getting what their fore-fathers had perhaps enjoyed a little too much in - as gay men bring the warning signs that further research on why the sociology of masculinity and its assessment are virtually swallowed by obvious observation examination methods (according to Gaymanity’s many years of being victimised) - the show we present delves into this phenomenon of the human condition and the calculative factory workings of critical thinking, refreshed social philosophy. 

San Luis Obispo, California, an inner-located coast-line community between San Francisco and Los Angeles prides itself strongly for being a charming home for the sexy and verbal YouTube Star Tyler Lord Hamilton. Tyler Lord serves SLO Town at the intensity of an emotional public life, additionally holds excellent rapport with children and accompanying adults - cheering-on “change advocacy” in the world to develop strategic ways to promote civil society, end homophobia as well as educate the masses on his study of the sociology of men that deserves legalised gay marriage.

His social life’s work is seen in Farmer’s Market to assist SLO County’s Business Improvement Association and the policies therein. In helping the city evolve with the times post-9/11, plus volunteering for other various social work capacities in non-profit organisations sector, “Lord Hamilton” gladly stars with pride at 2008-2009 local television debut called "Voice Of Obispo" on Public (Local) Access. This social science emergency is entertainment while originating as About-Out at The Verandah Lounge features Justice-Mobile seen on YouTube. Excellently broad-casts his "social entrepreneurship" and torch songs.

As former Mascot of SLO County, Hamilton studied musical and theatre arts at San Francisco Conservatory of Music as well as the impressive historical American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Pasadena-Hollywood-New York City), where Grace Kelly and other celebrities got their “star starts and images” in the early days. With highest honours in criminal justice studies such locally official iconic star image Tyler Lord Hamilton makes use of touches the heart of Gaymanity via an avant-gardism performance artistry genre.

Mr. Hamilton's examination of the sociology of men and their public relations among the social and behavioural sciences processes well in our said creative venue, Voice Of Obispo. “The Lord” allows this select social population of homosexual men - weakened in discriminated environmental situations, along the side of heterosexual men feeling stiffed by closed women, religious conviction and dogmatic politics - to have Voice in media and not be reduced to mockery.
or, for this matter manipulated in the straight culture and to tell of why even bi-sexuality is a substantial, expressed life-style for men seeking all-male comfort and bond in hope to put an end to social suicide caused by bigotry and no education.

Voice Of Obispo means everything in social transformative change during this said social climate of fighting for complete equality and letting men have their fashionable trend spot to live Planet Homo. Men produce male distinguishing personality socio-anthropological and psychological by trusting that their tears are heard by one gay man… Tyler Lord Hamilton. Once and for all – (we) in “The Collective" re-create lives to better suit the study of leadership in a globalised community where men take down the walls to plainly show their voices, faces and stories. Seeing that more people have wished to remain single in the advances given to them in technology as replacement for relationships, men demonstrate privacy in their love yet without share and closets as a whole masculinity on Planet Earth, if it were not for this “syntality cluster”, exhibit a proposition to take traits of each man and conceive peace-keeping in an embrace that honours human heart. While Information Technology (IT) does its work crime is lowered and homophobia finally comes to cease, as to now there is no more removal of any social group regards to initiative keen on same gender inter-relationships that are crucial to individual’s soul development.

Tyler Lord Hamilton is pushing as many precincts to the general causal sequence in interactive populations supporting the globalisation of homosexuality by coming on the show to reveal and transfer positive feed-back in human rights frequency demonstration apart from historical street protest, et cetera. What is accepted are known as Time's Special Witness where our 7th-Century Mayan prophet Pacal Votan left his universal "non-conventional" message for future generations of an evolving Earth that people must fuse thus whereupon a new culture may pattern humanities. Using arts and a talk show arena (as particular we hold steadily to the popularity of social and ecological environmentalism) Gaymanity as the main vehicle for that societal manifest universally suggest that Mr. Hamilton comes forward as your transgender host to give self-confidence to people who’ve failed as men and want to respect operative homosexuality that increases gay law and human-ness to live love and let love be modified to the sex.

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Voice Of Obispo proclaims the same, "If Humanity Wishes To Save Itself From Biospheric Destruction It Must Return To Living in Natural Time", that which is loving people for their diversities no matter the gender creativity. And, as fore-told of our accelerated technological society the resulting damage of our "collective divergence from Natural Law in exchange for materialist values" gets us to speak-up regardless of race, orientation absolute, income brackets, religious persuasion and/or political determinants of demand caused by sleaze media plus other "brain-washing agents of bigotry" taught by closed societies.

During the "height of a classic American civilisation" - made believed it was at the highest moral code ever in history - is now seen as a collapsed dream as men join together to investigate masculinity, violence, policies, revolving door justice at the social micro net-working podcast by social science open source media. It is the social order of a continued civil society to have IT bring more un-lucid communication for the sociology of men. Every citisen to utilise our collective conscious-ness and come out in this social media is Voice Of Obispo.
To get on the show, please call the About-Out Production Team. You matter so much for unification of men in "The Global Society".

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In a father-less, very rude  nation where dad's send their sons to war, teach them greed of Wall Steet or drink beer before victimising their wives and un-wanted children, Tyler Lord Hamilton - a gay man - cultivates masculinty via the sociology of men in order to help end this social suicide.

Voice Of Obispo is your place for being parented if your father was a bastard-cowardly example. One who hoards his straight marriages, adulterous and religious dogma, taking civil liberty from gays that love? Mr. Hamilton does something about that in Voice Of Obispo!

Tyler Lord Hamilton and YOUR Voice will never be put to a halt ever again.
It is time to "spread eagle" and fly as high as we can. That is freedom for all!
Call the About-Out Production Team at 1 805 563 6324 to get details on how to be in our show.
Tyler Lord Hamilton is your defense. Tell your story and come from out-of-the-closet TODAY!
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